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The Cheat Sheet! Your rundown for tonights edition of “Up Late” on NBC Sports Radio.

The World Series is history. And a historic finish it was.

– Madison Bumgarner picks up a 5-inning save in the Giants win.

– Bruce Bochy winds up looking like a genius.

– Did Ned Yost lose the series with his decision to bunt in 5th inning with a runner on 1st and nobody out?

– Where does this performance by Bumgarner go in NBA history?


Tony Romo doesn’t practice on Wednesday. Will he play this week?

– Did the Cowboys make the right call putting him back in to play?

– Would you sit him?


Night 2 of the NBA season.

– Derrick Rose looked good. The Knicks did not.

– The Lakers look terrible. They lose Julius Randle for the season. How bad will it get?


College Football talk.

– Todd Gurley is gone for another 4 games. Can Georgia survive without him?


All of that and much more coming up.

College Football Playoff Trophy

Here’s where you get the rundown of what I will be discussing on “Up Late” each and every night.

On Wednesday’s Show:

– It looks like we’ll be seeing a Game 7 for the World Series. Who has the advantage going in to this winner-take-all matchup?

– Despite the fact that the series has gone 7 games, this series has lacked drama from a late-game perspective. Most of the games have been routs.

– In Back Pages at 1:35 AM EST, Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports breaks down Game 6 and looks ahead to Game 7 of the Fall Classic.

– The College Football Playoff Selection Committee has handed out it’s first rankings. Surprises? Yes. There were a few. We’ll talk about it and get your thoughts. Tweet them at me @TheBackPage.

– What were NFL head coaches saying on Tuesday following Week 8 in the NFL. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett justified the decision to put Tony Romo back in the game. Still, was it the right decision?

– I have a very important for NFL Commissioner on the issue of domestic violence after watching a powerful piece on E:60 on ESPN Tuesday night. I will share that message with my listeners tonight.

– Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger felt the need to defend himself against J.J. Watt’s stance on “selfies.” Should he?

– The Spurs opened up their title reign with a win. How will Kobe Bryant and the Lakers fare against the Rockets. I’ll be watching.

– Our “Man in the “Stands” Ryan Kristafer finds out how little people know about arguably the best player in this MLB Postseason.

All of that and much more starting at 1 AM EST on NBC Sports Radio, and the NBC Sports Radio Mobile App. Tune in!


NFL Logo

Here’s where you get the rundown of what I will be discussing on “Up Late” each and every night.

On Tuesday’s Show:

The NFL will lead things off at 1 AM EST:

– I have a whole lot to say about Monday Night Football. The Cowboys and Redskins played a great one. The Redskins win leaves them with plenty of things to ponder going forward. The Cowboys loss and the injury to Tony Romo has me fuming. Find out why coming up.

– Pat Doney from our NBC affiliate in Dallas joins us live at 1:35 AM EST from AT&T Stadium to break down the game and state of mind for the Cowboys.


Hour 2 will focus on the start of the NBA season:

– Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk stops by to preview the season at 2:35 AM EST.

– Give me your predictions for the NBA Season. Who wins it all? Tweet me your thoughts @TheBackPage.


Hour 3 shifts to the World Series:

– Steve Goldman joins the program from SB Nation to talk about the World Series at 3:35 AM EST.

– We already know that I think the series is going 7 games. What do you think will happen? 855-323-4622 is the number. You let me know.


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