Monthly Archives: September 2011

All you need to do is go back through the various posts on this website and you’d see why I’m not surprised the Red Sox collapsed when it mattered most. Granted, I thought this collapse would take place in the postseason. But the reasons why are still the same. (more…)

I heard somebody on Friday or Saturday talking about the NFL being a sort of league where a different piece of drama ensues each week. I’d say 4 or 5 different dramas ensued from what’s been played so far in Week 3. Speaking of three, lets look back at week three and ahead to the next three weeks. (more…)

Taking a look back at the weekend, lets start locally.

UConn Huskies football could be in for a long season. Even in a mediocre conference, the Huskies are have a lot of work to do. The QB position continues to be an issue. (more…)