Putting the 2016 Yankees in Proper Perspective

Yankee Stadium
Time for a bit of an education for baseball fans… I have never been the biggest Joe Girardi fan on the planet. He’s sort of bland and drab. Monotonic for the most part and gives the media little. But criticizing him for the Yankees not making the postseason or just looking at the last few days and judging him off a few bullpen decisions is the most short-sighted nonsensical fanboy sort of crap I have seen.
The fact that this team was playing meaningful baseball games up until the middle of the week was a testament to the manager you mock.
No manager pushes all the right buttons.
First I see people getting mad about the fact that he pulled Yanking Tanaka after 7 innings the other day.
The guy has a torn elbow ligament. Are you in the clubhouse daily? Do you know what is arm is like? A trainer? A Doctor? The answer is NO to all of the above. And I know you don’t speak Japanese.
Other than Betances, he has a makeshift bullpen without Chapman and Miller. Joe Girardi has to serve two masters. He has to get a look at the younger talent as this team decided 6 weeks ago to be buyers instead of sellers. Balancing getting looks at younger talent like Sanchez, Cessa, Judge and Austin is going to mean a bumpy road. It also means that you have to find out if Betances is your future closer before deciding in the offseason whether to make another go at Chapman.
The fact is this. Girardi has a World Series ring as a manager. He’s been hamstrung with with some poor free agency decisions from management. He might be the chef. But you can only work with the ingredients the restaurant provides. He’s done that pretty well overall.
I’ll finish with this. Go up and down the Yankees roster and show me the bevy of All-Stars that litter the roster. Hold on… I’ll wait. Then I will tell you. It might be 1 at the most. If they win 85 games this season, Girardi has done a hell of a job.

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