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Jason Page- Studio

For years, I’ve argued that the news-talk radio world needs a change. It’s time to get away from the endless hours of politics and argument. It’s time to move towards a conversation that everyone can participate in.

I made a decision 4 weeks ago to take a shot on a news-talk endeavor. I’ll soon have more news on this project and its launching. But I’d love to have your thoughts on one of the shows we did this week.

Take a listen and give me your thoughts. My goal is to create something that encapsulates all of the conversations we are having with one another on a daily basis. Whether it’s at the dinner table, in the bleachers at the ballpark or in your local salon, my show wants to get to the stories that impact EVERYONE on a daily basis.

Monday, February 25th- Hour 1- Segments 1 & 2

Monday, February 25th- Hour 1- Segments 3 & 4

Monday, February 25th- Hour 2- Segments 1 & 2

Monday, February 25th- Hour 2- Segments 3 & 4

Page On 4 ReSize
Starting Monday, August 6th, you can catch my thoughts on the big stories of the day from the world of politics, sports and entertainment with Page On… This new series will originate on YouTube but will be posted to all social media platforms.

Page On… will focus on the topics you’re talking about. Yes, we’ll touch on politics. But people’s lives don’t merely revolve around the daily Twitter habits of President Donald Trump. There are so many things going on in the world that deserve more coverage and commentary. That’s what Page On… is all about.

Check out our first trailer!