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Episode 1 of Page On… is here!

Page On… Surviving Trump goes in depth on the first 560+ days of the Trump Administration. We also delve into what the future of the administration could be depending on how things play out in the November midterms.

Are the doomsday predictions of the Supreme Court being overstated? I talk about that as well.

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Cheat sheet for our Tuesday show!!

– Of all the teams with sparkling records, the one that seems to get the least respect is the Eagles. With a blowout win of the Panthers on Monday night, is it time for that to change?

– Carson Palmer sees his season come to an end for the Cardinals. Can Drew Stanton lead the team to a Super Bowl? Bruce Arians thinks so. Do we?

– The Chicago Bears are an unmitigated disaster. Head Coach Marc Trestman says Jay Cutler needs to get play better than he has. I’ll explain why those words aren’t enough.

– Adrian Peterson appears poised to sue the NFL in addition to seeking reinstatement to get back on the field this season? Is he taking the right approach?

– We’ll get some NBA thoughts into the show. Phil Jackson has apparently lost his sense of humor when it comes to his precious “Triangle” offense.

– A good early season matchup to talk about with the Spurs and Clippers. Is this years version of the Clippers ready for primetime yet?

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Here’s where you get the rundown of what I will be discussing on “Up Late” each and every night.

On Tuesday’s Show:

The NFL will lead things off at 1 AM EST:

– I have a whole lot to say about Monday Night Football. The Cowboys and Redskins played a great one. The Redskins win leaves them with plenty of things to ponder going forward. The Cowboys loss and the injury to Tony Romo has me fuming. Find out why coming up.

– Pat Doney from our NBC affiliate in Dallas joins us live at 1:35 AM EST from AT&T Stadium to break down the game and state of mind for the Cowboys.


Hour 2 will focus on the start of the NBA season:

– Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk stops by to preview the season at 2:35 AM EST.

– Give me your predictions for the NBA Season. Who wins it all? Tweet me your thoughts @TheBackPage.


Hour 3 shifts to the World Series:

– Steve Goldman joins the program from SB Nation to talk about the World Series at 3:35 AM EST.

– We already know that I think the series is going 7 games. What do you think will happen? 855-323-4622 is the number. You let me know.


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