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Starting Monday, August 6th, you can catch my thoughts on the big stories of the day from the world of politics, sports and entertainment with Page On… This new series will originate on YouTube but will be posted to all social media platforms.

Page On… will focus on the topics you’re talking about. Yes, we’ll touch on politics. But people’s lives don’t merely revolve around the daily Twitter habits of President Donald Trump. There are so many things going on in the world that deserve more coverage and commentary. That’s what Page On… is all about.

Check out our first trailer!



This site has been largely inactive for the the last 2 years. The reality is that I haven’t had much to update you on. I haven’t had a full-time radio show to promote in over two years and I stopped doing a podcast almost as quickly as I started it.

The good news (for those of you that miss me on the air) is that is about to change. I think I’ve been dormant long enough. I will have some announcements coming in the next couple of weeks and I am planning to re-launch my career a bit soon after those announcements.

I know it sounds like a big tease and it is… I will slowly start rolling out some announcements in the coming days regarding my future. I hope you will all be a part of it.

Stay tuned… The best is yet to come.